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Our Veterans
Our Veterans Photos

2021-2022 Photo Albums
(Photos by Margie Cormack ably assisted by Bob Faasen)
50's & 60's Girls Some Library Activity
Woodshop Spaghetti Dinner
(Photos by Bob Faasen)
Molly B Show
(Photos by Bob Faasen)
Trip to the Zoo
(Photos by Linda Beem)
Thanksgiving Dinner Halloween Party

2020-2021 Photo Albums
(Photos by John DeVaney)
Hobby Shop Activity Another Birthday Party for Pam Pam's Birthday Party A Couple of Other Photos Wood Shop Speghetti Feast & Show and Tell
Morning Volleyball Some of the Park Staff Rose Garden in February January Pool and Hobby Shop Activity Not Maintaining Social Distance

2019-2020 Photo Albums
(Photos by John DeVaney)
Aftermath of Tropical Storm Hanna
Mermaid Show
Saint Patrick's Day Activities
Quilts for Veterans
Olympics Parade at the TOT
German Fest
Show Case
Maggie Mae's Party
Style Show
50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Valentine Dinner-Dance
Maggie Mae Show
Woodshop Spaghetti Dinner and Auction
Wisconsin Luncheon
Church Service
Casino Night
Clogging and Water Polo
Imlah 70th Wedding Anniversary Party
Gary D's 80th Birthday Bash
Arts & Crafts Sale
Another Good Day @ The Tip
Monday Morning Meeting Activities
Chile Cook-off
Master Woodcarver Pete
Woodshop and RC Track/b>
Church Service - January 5, 2020
New Years Eve - Dec. 31, 2019

2018-2019 Photo Albums
Season's Photos
St. Patrick's Day Fun
Fun in the Pool and Mermaid Show
GAO Recognition
Quilting Ladies Distribute Quilts to Vets
Tima's Birthday Party
Pool Exercise
Shuffleboard Trophy Winners
Style Show
Birthday Pot-luck for Walter & Fred
Valentine Dinner-Dance
Maggie May's Pot Luck
German Fest
Sewing Room and Cut-glas Activity
Church Service Music
Woodshop Spagitte Dinner
Phyllis T's Welcome to Medicare Party
Thirsty Thursday Got Out of Hand
Some Monday Morning Meeting Photos
Winter Fest
2019 Photos
2019 Outdoors on the Courts

2017-2018 Photo Albums
Artwork at the Wood Shop
Sewing Room Fashion Show
More Fashion Show
2018-02-25 Onalee's and Vergie's Party (John DeVaney)
2018-01-28 Radio Controlled Car Race Track
2017-01-21 Chruch Service (John DeVandy)
2017-18 Our Town Collages
2018-02-05 Pickelball
Friday Fish Dinner 12/15
Woodshop Dinner & Auction 2/2
Baked Potato Dinner 12/8
Thanksgiving Dinner
Loren's Wild Hog Roast Party
Morning Coffee Group
German Fest
King & Queen Coronation & Dinner
Coronation & Dinner (John DeVaney)
Saturday Breakfast (John DeVaney)
Chilli Cook-off and Dinner
Maggie Mae's Block Party (John DeVaney)
Onalee's & Vergie's Party
Winter Texan Orchestra Performance
Wanda's and Rick's Donut Party
Wanda's and Rick's Donut Party (John DeVaney)
Iowa-Indiana Luncheon
Red Hats
Arts and Crafts Sales
Evening Activities
Card Bingo
Sunday Night Jams
Red Hats Dinners
Intro of King & Queen at MMM
Cuda's Welcome Back
Vile of Life Sign-up
Wellness Screening
Rosary Group
First Snow of the Year
Kitchen Band at the Veteran's Home
Kitchen Band at Grand Terrace Rehab
Kitchen Band (John DeVaney)
Pickel Ball
Radio Controlled Car Race Track
Miscellaneous Photos (John DeVaney)
Around the Park
Our Town Photo Collages
Miscellaneous Photos (John DeVaney)
Church Choir Practice
String Group Practice
Stained Glass Activity
Amigo Section Meeting

2016-2017 Photo Albums (Photos by John DeVaney)
St. Pat's @ TIP - Mar. 17, 2017
G.A.O. Recognition @TIP - March 13, 2017
Farewell Party - Mar. 12, 2017
Min. Golf Tip - March 2, 2017
Fashion Show @ TIP - Feb. 28, 2017
Show case-Vets & Quits - Feb. 21, 2017
TOT Events
TIP Photos
Tip 1-11-17
Tip Group Photos #3
Tip Group Photos #4
Tip Group Photos #5
Tip Group Photos #6
Tip Group Photos #7
TIP Group Photos #8
Chili Cook-off Winners

2015-2016 Photo Albums
TOT Veterans
Late Season Evening Activities
Sunday Night Jam Group
Winter Texan Orchestra - March Performance
Wounded Warrior Quilting Ladies With Blankets at Ft Hood
Volenteer's Appreciation Luncheon
50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Last Craft Sale of the Season
Singles Luncheon
St. Patrick's Day - Parade
St. Patrick's Day - Food & Drink
St. Patrick's Day - Mermaid Performance
Woodshop Spaghetti Dinner
GAO Participants Recognition
GAO Participants Recognition
60th+ Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Red Hats Luau
McAllen High School Steel Drum Performance
Wood Shop Open House
Silver Stars Drill Team
MMM Kitchen Band & Cheerleader Performances
Indiana Luncheon (John DeVaney Photos)
Rosary Group
New King & Queen Introduced at MMM
Kitchen Band at Grand Terrace Facility
Valentine Dinner & Dance
December Arts & Crafts Sale
Eilleen's Going-away Party
Marilyn's Out-Post Volenteers
Children's Ponchos
Illinois Luncheon
Electrical Recycling & Paint Disposal Day
MMM Kitchen Band & Cheerleader Performances
Saturday Afternoon Dance With The Fugitives
Sock Hop
Valentine Photos
Exercising & Giving Blood
MMM & Volleyball
McAllen High School Steel Drum Performance
King & Queen Nominees
Zomba Players
Saturday Morning Pancakes
Wellness Screening
Kitchen Band at Bridges NH in Mission
Au revoir and À bientôt to Yves Richard
Celebration of Evaline Phipps' Life
Chili Cook-off
Dee's Luncheon
Phyl's Pre-Social Security Birthday Party
Rosary, Crafts Sale, Shuffleboard & Volleyball
Sock Hop (Couples)
Saturday Morning
Potato Bake Supper
MMM and Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest
Work in Progress

2014-2015 Photo Albums
Drill Team
60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
2015 - TOT - Sue Septrion Benefit

2013-2014 Photo Albums
Woodshop Spagetti Supper
Carolyn & Jim Adams 25th Wedding Anniversary
2013-2014 Kitchen Band

2012-2013 Photo Albums
Lela Bishop Farewell
First Annual Chili Cookoff
Veteran's Day Recognition
Easter Lunch and Parade
Dick's, Bob's and Orrie's Fish Fry
Luau Party and Hog Roast
2013 - Easter Parade Around the Pool
2013 ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARADE (Photo's By Rene'

2011-2012 Photo Albums
2012 - TOT - New Roof
2012 - Mary's Sunday Spagetti Dinner
2011 - Tennis Show
2012 ST,PATRICK'S DAY PARADE & GAMES (Photos by Rene'

2010-2011 Photo Albums
Floyd & Carol Shepardson & Family Trip to Iceland

2009-2010 Photo Albums

2008-2009 Photo Albums

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